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Pictures of the mountains

  • Flowers on the mountains of Elba
  • Mountain flowers
  • Trekking on the island of Elba
  • Springtime on Elba
  • Mountain path - mountainbiking
  • Excursions in the mountains of Elba Island
  • The nature of the island
  • Fauna and flora of Elba
  • Elba island in Tuscany
  • Trekking on Elba island
  • Mountainbiking on Elba
  • Elba: ideal for all outdoor sports
  • Untouched nature
  • The mountains of Elba

Hotel La Stella

Loc. Seccheto
57034 Campo nell'Elba (LI)
Isola d'Elba
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Fax 0565.987215

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